The European Commission sent an official address to Romanian authorities demanding clarifications related to the implementation of Directive 2008/48/EC regarding credit contracts for consumers, the European Affairs department announced. The directive was adopted to Romanian law by Ordinance 50/2010.

The Romanian institution who is in charge of the implementation of the ordinance writes an official response which is sent to the European Affairs Department for check ups and afterwards to the European Commission.

Commercial bank representatives declared that they might demand the EC to start infringement procedures against Romania if the ordinance 50/2010 will be applied for credits already offered.

The information was initially released by the Romanian news agency Mediafax that wrote that the request from the EC was sent last week. Governmental sources quoted by the news agency declared that the EC's request is a first step before an infringement procedure is launched.

Ordinance 50/2010 was enforced starting June 21, 2010 and banks had 90 days to update contracts. However, thousands of people organized online and threatened to sue banks in collective actions. Their main concerns regard the modification of credit contracts in accordance with the ordinance. However, clients complain that the commissions considered illegal by the ordinance are not eliminated.