The case of the Romanian who abandoned her newborn girl in a washing machined nearby Mantova made the top news on most news televisions and newspapers in Italy. On Sunday, authorities released more details related to the Romanian accused of homocide. Doctors confirmed that the girl is doing very well, as she did not suffer any injuries in the washing machine.

The local press revealed that Mihaela C, aged 32 was a prostitute in North Italy, the Lombardia region. Police officers discovered on Wednesday that the Romanian was robbed and beaten by one of her clients, during her work.

She was aggressed despite that she was nine month pregnant. That night, the girl went to the police. According to investigators, the aggression lead to a premature birth. Mihaela was living with Viorel C, probably the father of the girl in a small apartment in the outskirts of Mantova together with other two girls of the couple.

The woman gave birth in the apartment but she suffered injuries after birth and called the ambulance and hiddent the newborn. Hospital doctors realized that the woman just gave birth and alerted the police.

After two hours, the police officers found the little girl in the washing machine. The two were accused of attempt of murder and the man was arrested. He tried to kill himself in jail. Mihaela C. is in hospital but under police surveillance.