Romania made all its homeworks to join Schengen but not fully yet, the conclusion of a report conducted by the Romanian Center for European Policies reads. The study evaluated the measures from the 2009 action plan since those set for 2010 were not released. Of a total of 31 measures, 4 are not fulfilled.

The study indicates several technical and political sensitive issues. Those political are the justice monitoring process and the problems with the gypsie integration. The technical issues relate to the information system and air borders.

In the current political context, the European Council might be very careful when it comes to unfulfilled requirements and will not close its eyes as it did when Romania joined the EU in 2007, the study reveals.

The study also puts forward several recommendations for the EU:

  • to evaluate the two candidate countries based on technical issues 
  • not to corelate the integration with political issues 
  • the release of all monitoring reports made 

At its turn, recommendations for Romania are

  • to fulfill all technical requirements, not to leave room for political notes 
  • the implemntation of all recommendations made after each evaluation mission
  • to have a transparent joining process to Schengen 
  • to ensure necessary resources to fulfill all recommendations 

To prepare for joining Schengen, Romania can access 602,4 million euro of whic 362,4 million euro were contracted.