On Friday night a Romanian nurse, aged 32 years old was beaten by an Italian young man at Rome, in the Anagnina metro station, Corriere della Sera reads. The Romanian is hospitalized, in a coma with a severe brain trauma. Cameras in the subway taped the attack. UPDATE 1 Owner of a coffee shop nearby the metro station declared for the HotNews.ro correspondent to Rome that the incident started in the coffee shop, where the young man insulted the woman, urging her to return to her country. Apparently the Italian harasse the woman when he realized she is not Italian. According to the police, the Italian continued to verbally aggress the woman as she left the coffee shop. At a point, she pushed the man away and after several seconds the man violently hit her. The Victim fell down and did not move. The images released by the Italian police show that the aggressor recovers his stuff from the ground and leaves towards the metro stop. He is stopped by a man who saw the scene. The witness blocks the man's access and they return to the victim. Passers by gather around the woman.