Italian news agency Ansa managed to identify the key witness, who, as the tape of the incident reveals, witnessed the scene of an Italian man who beaten the Romanian woman. The man is a subofficer of judicial police who declared that he saw the two arguing and thought they are a couple. When I saw that the woman fell and was not moving and the young man was trying to escape, I stopped him, the witness declared.

The Romanian is Maricica Hahaianu and she is out of the coma but doctors fear that she will not be able to recover fully, La Repubblica reads. The young Italian aggressor is in house arrest and his lawyer presented a different version of the one in the press.

According to the lawyer, the Italian admitted that there was a fight in the coffee shop but in the front of the ticket sales shop, as the press read initially, and as quoted. The young mand admitted that he hit the woman but said that the woman insulted him. He made the same gestures and hit her in the face.