The latest medical bulleting presented by the Italian Hospital's spokesperson Cesira Piscioneri about the Romanian nurse who entered in a coma after being hit by an Italian in a metro station reads that Maricica Hahaianu has no cerebral activity. Her general condition got worse and doctors decided to monitor her continuously for six hours. In the same time, a committee has been organized to analyze the general condition of the patient.

Roma's mayor Gianni Alemanno visited the hospital to express his regrets to Adrian Hahaianu, the husband of the family. At noon, Romania's Ambassador to Italy also arrived. Several hours before than, Romanian priest Nicu Voinea prayed at the head of the patient.

Maricica Hahaianu's lawyer, Alessandro di Giovanni declared for that police officers did their job and have a clear perspective of what happened that day. See the declaration of the lawyer: