About 200 youngsters gathered in front of the house of the Italian who aggressed Romanian Maricica Hahaianu right before he was transferred to jail, cheering him and accusing mayor Alemanno that he sustains the community of Romanians in the detriment of Italians, La Repubblica reads, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.

Judge Sandro di Lorenzo signed on Monday night the order to transfer the young aggressor to jail who so far was in house arrest. Burtone will be indicted for murder, considering that the 32 year old Romania died because of the wounds.

Police officers met about 200 people who know Burtone in front of his house who cheered for him and demanded that he should be freed. The crowds voiced that Alemanno favors the Romanian community in the detriment of the Italians.

The body of the 32 year old Romanian Maricica Hahaianu will be repatriated back in the country on Thursday and all costs will be incurred by Italian authorities. According to Agerpres Maricica Hahaianu will be buried at the end of the week in Oreavu village, three km away from Ramnicu Sarat.