Spyros Marangos, former member of the Cyprus football federation accuses on Monday in the Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport that four members of the UEFA were bribed to sustain Poland's and Ukraine's candidacy to organize the European Football Championship in 2012. Among the countries suspected of selling their vote for Poland and Ukraine is Romania.

Marangos made the first declarations in a German publication and accused UEFA members for taking bribes to vote in favor of Poland and Ukraine for the EURO 2012 organization. UEFA demanded evidence and arangos declared on Monday that he is willing to cooperate with them.

One of them received 3.15 million euro others received only 2 million each. Overall, there were 9.15 million euro. I know in Germany there are talks about a fifth person but I do not have evidence. I have three documents but one is enough to open the case, and three confessions.

I am ready to offer all the information from Cyprus only in the presence of my lawyers and public authorities here in Cyprus, he said. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Romania, Rusia,Netherlands, Cyprus, Malta and Portugal are suspected of selling their vote.