The Guardian publishes on Saturday a material, shot in Romania by British journalist Tanya Gold for Halloween. The British journalist touches upon, in an ironic matter, serious topics for Romania. About Bucharest, it says it looks like Paris eaten and spitted out by Croydon. About the highways, it says are like vampires: mithical and hard to reach where ever one is.

Romanians do not like the Dracula portrayed by Bram Stoker, in the famous novel. However, they prefer the Dracula portrayed by Vlad Tepes, a national hero who fought against the Rurks and decreased the criminality rate by killing them. The story is he killed even 20,000 people before lunch - this is what Romanians like, the journalist comments.

She presents the real castle of Dracula, at Poenari but she comments that noone can reach it. CNN has the same comments on Sunday, reading that the castle at Poenari is nowhere on the tourist map and is pretty hard to reach it.