For the first time in history, a Nobel prize could not be handed over to the winner or his/her representative. Geir Lundestand, Nobel Institute head said that no representative of the winner of the Nobel Prize in 2010 might be present. The medal, diploma and 1.4 million dollars will not be handed over to Liu Xiaobo, Al Jazeera informs.

It seems that Xiaobo's family gave up hope that somebody in the family can come from China to be present at Oslo on December 10, Lundestad said quoted by a local radio. Liu, a Chinese dissident was sentenced to 11 years of prison after he signed an appeal to reform the political system in China.

His wife is in house arrest since the prize was announced, last month. Liu's friends said that all members of his family are monitored by the police, to prevent them to attend the ceremony. So far, 36 Ambassadors accepted the invitation, while 16 still have not offered an answer.