North Korea, a nuclear power opened fire against a South Korean island injuring South Korean military and civilians alike, according to local press and military officials quoted by Reuters. South Korean troops on the island answered with the same force and the army is in maximum alert, AFP informs.

Localizarea conflictuluiFoto: Reuters

UPDATE 3 11:40 AM The second South Korean soldier died in the fire exchanges.

Seoul Defense minister declared that North Korea clearly violated the peace treaty while the White House condemns North Korea's decision to open fire and called for a cease fire.

UPDATE 2 Fire expands on the island, according to a witness quoted by Reuters. The attack hit the military base.

UPDATE A soldier died, another 15 at least are injured of which are civilians.

According to CNN, there are 1,300 people on the island. South Korea President Lee Myung bak declared that he attempts to avoid a large scale conflict. Seoul warned that it will react with the same force if North Korea does not cease fire.