About 7,000 Moldovan citiznes voted in the eight precincts opened in Romania by 5PM, Moldovan Ambassador to Bucharest Iurie Renita declared for HotNews.ro. According to him, this is a record turout considering that the most numerous turnout in Romania was 5,000 citizens. Voting sections close at 9PM.

H.E. Ambassador Renita said that people are standing in line to vote. He said that he is currently expecting citizens to express their vote in these elections by 21 PM. He added that it is possible that the closing hours to be extended with two hours of people will still be queueing.

The Ambassador remarked the big number of students who showed up to vote, revealing that in Bucharest at least there were also students from Targoviste, Craiova or Bacau who came to vote.

He said there were no irregularities during the voting procedure and that the only negative aspect is the bad weather in Bucharest.

UPDATE: In Bucharest, the voting section at the Moldovan Embassy will close at 9PM since there will be no need for an extension.