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2010 Elections in Republic of Moldova 

UPDATE Official partial results after counting 98% of the votes: PCRM 39,6%, PLDM 29,2%, PDM 12,8%, PL 9,8%

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Luni, 29 noiembrie 2010, 20:19 English | Regional Europe

​After counting 98% of the valid votes expressed in the Sunday elections in Moldova, the Communist party, PCRM lead by 39.6%. The other three parties with chances to make the threshold are PLDM (Filat) - 29,2%, PDM (Lupu) -12,8% and PL (Ghimpu) - 9,8%, according to

In mandates, the percentages obtained translate: 
PCRM (Voronin) - 43 mandates

PLDM (Filat) - 31 mandates

PDM (Lupu) - 15 mandates 

PL (Ghimpu) - 12 mandates

The necessary number of mandats to elect the President of the country is 61. 65,000 Moldovans voted in foreign voting sctions most of them in Italy - 28,285 citizens, followed by Romania with 9,724, Russian 4,330, US 2,778 and Spain 2528. 

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