After processing 100% of the valid expressed votes in the Sunday elections in Republic of Mldova, Communists, PCRM, won by 39.3%. The other three parties to make it in the Parliament are: PLDM lead by Filat with 29.4%, PDM lead by Lupu with 12.7%, PL lead by Ghimpu with 10% according to data released by the Central Electoral Committee.

In mandates, the percentage translates to:

PCRM - 42 mandates

PLDM - 32 mandates

PDM - 15 mandates

PL - 12 mandates

The three democratic parties to enter the Parliament, PLDM, PDM, PL make up 59 mandates of the total of 101 mandates. Thus, they can form the government, can elect the Parliament's Speaker but cannot elect the President.