Famous Romanian singer Inna won the tenth edition of the Eurodanceweb 2010 considered the best position ever won by a Romanian in the history of the competition, organizers inform. Even though she was on the third position in the online poll, the song of the artist, Sun Is Up won the trophy, as the jury decided.

Sun Is Up was launched in 2010 on the Eastern European market and made it to the second position in Romanian Top 100 and on sixth in Russia.

Eurodanceweb Award 2010

1 place: Inna - Sun Is Up (Romania - 184 points)

2 place: Velvet - My Destiny (Pitchline Remix) (Sweden - 152 points)

3 place: Roni Meller feat. Dee Dee - The Day After (Will I Be Free) (Israel - 149 points)

4 place: Guru Josh & DJ Igor Blaska - Eternity (UK - 145 points)

5 place: Niamh Egan - You're The One (Ireland- 139 points)

Inna also won the European Border Breaker Awarders 2011, a golden disk in France in September 2010 with over 50,000 disks sold. She was named artist of the year in Poland and the first Romanian to reach the first position in the Billboard UK Dance Chart.