British daily Daily Mail reopens the theme related to fears of a wave of Romanian immigrants to Great Britain as Bucharest announced its plans to freeze 271 million euro spending to secure borders, as a protest against France and Germany’s decision to block Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen.

Daily Mail reads that Basescu declared in an interview on Thursday night for the public television, TVR, that Romania cannot guarantee the security of EU’s external border from illegal immigrants but the newspaper does not quote the President’s exact statements. Daily Mail quotes the President saying that Romanians will not stand to be walked on as worms, like some suggest, but that the 22 million Romanians have a right to be respected.

The newspaper reads that according to Eurostat, Romania offered 5,585 citizenships in 2008 compared to 137,320 in France, 28,000 in Netherlands and 10,268 in Austria.

Romania allocated 271 million euro to secure borders and offered the contract to EADS but threatened that it will suspend the payments if its access to Schengen is blocked. Illegal Eastern European immigrants were a constant theme for British tabloids lately.