Several kilometres away from the construction site of the European Pressurized Reactor in Flamanville, France, 500 foreign workers, mostly Romanians are accommodated in 250 shacks from another era, France Soir reads. The French newspaper describes the primitive conditions in which the workers are accommodated in a project that is the biggest in Europe. In an article, French unions declare that Romanians work 10 to 15 hours/day.

For 250 euro/month, each worker shares his quarters with another one and needs to take care of the shack in which his is living. The room has four sq meters and there is no thermal isolation. According to a document, a broken chair will cost 75 euro, a cigarette burn 20 euro and a stain 25 euro.

The workers are not allowed to have visits; they have no right to smoke inside. France Soir talks about a thousand foreign workers working on the site of a total of 3,200 employees. Bouygues, who runs the site justifies its choice on grounds that the local labor market does not offer enough experienced candidates.