12 Romanian nurses started working, as of December 18, at the Les Chenes hospital, from Aire sur L Ádour in the Landes region in France. They gain 1,500 euro/monthly and everybody is satisfied with their work. The nurses chose to leave the country mainly because in Romania they earn somewhere between 150 to 300 euro/month, SudOuest.fr publication reads.

The twelve nurses arrived at the hospital through a specialized recruiting company. 500 files were received across 12 cities in Romania. 150 nurses attended the interview in July and August. The hospital’s director, Pierrette Viozard declared that the nurses were very competent when it came to medicine but they also had to know French.

The women take French, for proficiency and each day they have four hours of French classes and are not allowed to speak Romania. It is crucial for them to know very well French to pass the exam at the regional health agency. If they fail to pass it, the women have to leave.