A new toll announce 31 dead and over 130 injured in the explosion that took place on Monday on the Russian international airport Domodedovo, RIA Novosti informs. From the first information, it seems to have been a suicide bomber.

6:30 PM A spokesperson of the airport declares the toll is 35 deaths.

6:15 PM Several police sources said it was a suicide bomber and the bomb’s power is the equivalent of 5 kg of TNT. The attacker was in the middle of the crowd that was waiting for travelers to arrive when the bomb went off. Several witnesses say they heard two explosions.

Three persons are suspected to be involved in the attack and police forces are looking for them, Russian agency Interfax reads. Witnesses present in the airport said that tens of persons are evacuated by emergency units and people with burns run all over the place.

A traveler, Nadejda said she saw wounded people covered in the blood and that everything is covered in blood. There is no light and is full of corpses on the floor, another witness said. PM Putin is expected at the scene on Monday night, an official declared for AFP.

5:15 PM Medvedev said that those behind the attack will be followed and punished. He said, on his Twitter account that he mourns for the victims at the Domodedovo airport. 5 PM Employees of the airport torn apart a wall to allow people to leave the explosion area. Russia Today announces that all international flights have been redirected to other airports nearby Moscow.