A British court sentenced Marius Nejloveanu and his father, Bogdan to 21 and 6 years of prison for traffic of persons and prostitution, CNN reads. The two brought to Great Britain at least 5 women aged between 15 to 23 years old whom they obliged to prostitute in Manchester, Birmingham and other cities.

All women were promised that they will get help to find some jobs when they get to Britain, the prosecutor said during the trial. Manchester detective Mike Sanderson said that one of the victims, aged 22 has the mental age of a 10 year old. There are women who are very vulnerable, immature the detective said.

Marius Nejloveanu, aged 23 was found guilty of rape, physical aggression and threats. According to Sanderson the two Romanians would gain 20,000 dollars/month obliging the 5 women to work 12 hours/day. The women have been exploited for four years.