President Traian Basescu’s statements at the recent EU Summit on Libya triggered a new nervous breakdown of Nicolas Sarkozy, determining Angela Merkel to call for calmness, EUObserver reads, quoting unidentified sources.

Information suggests that the Romanian President expressed his doubts regarding the credibility of the rebels during talks with EU leaders generating a nervous reaction from Sarkozy and determining Angela Merkel to try to calm down spirits, EUObserver reads in an article about the way the Bulgarian public opinion received the news that the French leader attempted to obtain European recognition of the Libyan insurgents.

Sofia claims that important members of the National Transition Council have close links with the tortures six medical nurses from Bulgaria were submitted to, accused of infecting Libyan children with AIDS. Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov said that he explained at the Summit that representatives of the Benghazi council are people who tortured Bulgarian doctors for eight years and who cost 60 million dollars.

Relations between Romania and Bulgaria on the one hand, and France on the other hand grew apart when France announced that it will oppose the two countries to join Schengen. President Basescu announced at the end of the Summit that Romania opposes a military intervention in Libya.