A Romanian who worked as a butler in the family of the American millionaire Anne Bass, age 68, was arrested by police officers accused that in 2007 he held hostage his former mistress and her boyfriend, and injected them with a liquid that he claimed it was a deadly virus, DailyNews reads. Emanuel Nicolescu, aged 32 was accused on Thursday by a federal court in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Nicolescu is accused of conspiracy for blackmail and pleaded not guilty. According to prosecutors, Nicolescu and two other accomplices enter by force in the house of Anne Bass, former wife of billionaire Sid Bass and the three beat her and her boyfriend, artist Julian Lethbridge and injected them with a blue liquid that they claimed it was a deadly virus.

Nicolescu and the two accomplices tried to convince Bass to give them 8.5 million dollars in exchange of an antidote. However, the woman refused to pay and the three attackers left without receiving the money. According to investigators, the attack lasted 12 hours. Nicolescu was a butler of the American millionaire but he was fired a few months before the incident in April 2007. Bass received 150 million dollars after her divorce of Sid Bass.