The European Commission made an official request to Romania, Poland and Italy to comply with EU regulations and align their regulated prices for natural gas and energy, a press release of the EC reads. According to it, the Commission decided to send motivated requests to the three member states. If they do not respect the obligations in two months, the Commission can address the Court of Justice.

In compliance with regulations on the internal energy markets, all companies need to have the possibility to offer freely services across the EU and set its own prices that would reflect the market. Regulating prices creates entry barriers on the market and defines prices that do not reflect the needs of the market.

Romania received two motivated requests, one for electric energy and one for natural gas. Regarding electric energy, the Romanian law instituted a regulated market. Regulated prices for final consumers are applicable to all consumers including small and medium sized companies who did not express their options for another supplier.

Gas prices are regulated and are implemented for all consumers. Romania was warned on June 2009 by the EC for its lack of compliance with the national legislation for the gas and energy market, the Commission reads. Moreover, Brussels also initiated an infringement procedure against Romania for prices regulated for non household consumers.