Romania’s President Traian Basescu sent on Monday a message on Europe’s day in which he underlines Romania’s interest to see a strong EU, politically and economically. The EU has 27 member states with a total population of half a billion citizens that benefit of rights and share common responsibilities, the letter reads.

The letter reads that Romania is happy to celebrate the values and principles on which the EU is founded: liberty, democracy, equality, rule of law, human rights and solidarity. Solidarity has remained a fundamental principle of actions at the EU level, the letter reads. Solidarity of the EU member states and of EU institutions is even more relevant in the current context since an economic recovery and growth cannot be attained in the absence of a concerted EU action.

Romania will remain completely dedicated to its European destiny, the letter reads. As Romanians and European citizens we have the duty and potential to contribute to the affirmation of a European common identity. Celebrating Europe’s day today confirms that the most ambitious projects can become a reality and common ideals can be implemented in concrete policies to the benefit of all European citizens the final message reads.