Gunther Krichbaum, the chief of European Affairs Committee in Bundestag declared on Monday, at Sofia that Germany will support Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen if the European Commission’s report will be positive.

The German official said that Bulgaria and Romania have the chance to join Schengen before the end of the year, Novinite informs. During is talks with Bulgarian Parliamentarians, the German deputy offered many examples of corrupt Bulgarian ways from inexplicable wealth of Bulgarian customs officers to the wierd necessity of patients to offer bribes in hospitals.

He reffered to Romania as a example following the recent measures to counter corruption in customs. The adhesion report to Schengen for Romania and Bulgaria receive a green light from the Civil Liberties Committee, part of the European Parliament. The two states complied with the necessary technical conditions based on the evaluation reports, European deputies claim.

Even so, EP will have to be informed about supplementary measures that will be taken in Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece related to immigration management. The final vote on the file will be scheduled for June 4.