Romanians should be able, starting Wednesday, May 25 to be able to change their telecom operator without changing their telephone number in just one day according to the new EU regulations in the telecom sector adopted at the end of 2009 that would have had to be transposed into national legislation by this date. The EU warns on Monday that it will consider launching an infringement procedure for the countries that did not comply with this obligation. Romania is one of these countries.

Citizens and companies should take maximum advantage of the opportunities offered by the new EU legislation to obtain competitive telecom services and if these rights will not be able to be exercised, we will take necessary measures to remedy the situation, EC Committee in charge with the digital agency deputy president Neelie Kroes said.

Operators should be able to change their telecom operator, landline or mobile in just one working day without changing his telephone number. In addition clients should sign a maximum 2 year contract and the obligation of operators to offer contracts for 12 months. Contracts also needs to offer better information about the minimum levels of the service quality.