Russian President Dmitri Medvedev had tough words regarding Romania’s decision to host the American anti missile shield. According to Medvedev, if the elements will be installed in Romania this will trigger Moscow’s acceleration to develop its nuclear potential and will throw the world in a cold war. In Bucharest, some observers are waiting an increase of Russian presence in Transdniester. Meanwhile, the interest in the American shield was also expressed by Bulgaria, reads.

In a press conference, Medvedev expressed his hope that there are still possibilities of collaboration with Washington regarding the anti missile shield. Contrary to that, Russia will force the development of the offensive potential of the nuclear means, which Moscow does not want the Russian President said.

We would like to have the European air defense under clear regulations and I believe that everybody understands that the shield is a way to block or diminish the strategic possibilities of many countries, the Russian official said. Previously to Medvedev’s declarations, a similar warning was launched by Russia’s UN representative, Dmitri Rogozin. He said that a European air defense system without Russia’s participation is just a bluff.