The dress wore by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge at the meeting she had with the US First Lady Michelle Obama was made in Romania by workers who receive 1.15 euro/hour, British daily DailyMail reads. The dress was bought at a Reiss shop, with about 201 euro.

Cuplul Obama alaturi de Printul William si Kate MiddletonFoto: Agerpres/AP

In an article in the DailyMail, the English journalists read that the Shola dress was produced for less than 17 euro in a poor suburb of Bucharest. According to information, Reiss is one of the preferred brands of the Duchess. DailyMail reads that the elegance of the dress wore by Kate is far from the poor working conditions of those who made it.

The publication reads that the dress was made by Rimcor Ex, a company with 170 employees working in a factory in a suburb in Bucharest, Romania. A Romanian employee Iuliana Haita described the working conditions as ok and the woman said that she is very pleased that her work reaches a ballroom somewhere in the world. The company’s owner Ioan Palea said that the dress was a normal production for the spring season. They had Labour Ministry inspections recently who said everything is ok.