Spiegel dedicates eight pages of its last but one number to Romania and one article in particular, signed by Ozlem Gezer reads that Bulgarians and Romanians become the problematic group in Germany. According to the journalist, Turks and Arabs are out of the spotlight in the theme regarding Germany’s integration policy failure. Poor, exploited, with illiterate children, they are EU citizens that do not fit any standard, the article reads.

Last year, Angela Merket said that the integration process of immigrants in Germany has completely and utterly failed. Since then, controversy and debate stirred up on the matter, with Thilo Sarrazin’s book, Germany disintegrates pointing out a wound that was long considered healed.

The problem of foreigners and Germany’s islamization became current themes in the German media. To prove the problem is under control, politicians, experts, NGOs and priests joined in the debate. In half a year, the integration of Turks and Arabs seems to have been resolved.

At least in the opinion of the Spiegel journalist who claims other foreigners like Romanians and Bulgarians are a problem in Germany. The children of these foreigners are unable to integrate, the article reads because they do not know how to read or right and do not understand a thing.

After the Polish, Romanians and Bulgarians seem to be the biggest number of immigrants in 2010: 75,000 initially and 39,000 members of the family that followed them. A great many of them do not speak German and live off 3 euro/hour in the black economy. In the vision of an expert quoted by Spiegel, these people are an unexploited part of the German society.

A police officer quoted by Spiegel said that there was created a world of shadows, that Germany took on countries for which the system is not ready. Another conclusion is that the new EU citizens are in Germany the last links in the city and in many cities they are below the Turks or the Arabs.