Netherlands does not believe Romania is governed by the rule of law because there are still problem related to the reform of the judiciary in our country, Dutch Ambassador said at the EU. According to a coverage made by RFI radio quoting EU sources, Romania’s rule of law was contested last week at Brussels during a meeting of Ambassadors to the EU.

Apparently the position of EU member states to Romania and Bulgaria’s possible adhesion to Schengen was discussed and a Justice and Interior Affairs council will debate this issue on Thursday. According to information, the final document confirms Romania and Bulgaria’s technical readiness for Schengen.

Moreover, the document reads that in September European Interior ministers will consider the file again. France, Germany and Finland are well known for their attitude to Romania and Bulgaria and did not raise any objections so far. Netherlands however was the only one to indicate that it might bock the text and the Dutch Ambassador to the EU said there are still problems with the judiciary in Romania.

RFI reads that due to the Dutch alliance, Hague ministers are most of the time limited at the European level by the Parliament’s position and the governing agreement reads that the country will not agree on Romania and Bulgaria’s adhesion to Schengen until the two countries made notable and irreversible progress in reforming the judiciary.