From Hungary, the territorial reorganization of Romania are plans that will never be implemented, Hungarian journalist Istvan Pataky, senior editor at Magyar Nemzet newspaper said in a meeting with Romanian journalists. He said that 90% of the people have no idea about what is going on because this is not a problem in Hungary.

He said that in Hungary the thought is that all this is part of a political game in the coalition because in Hungary the general impression is that the two countries have a very good relationship. Pataky said that all is a political game, aimed at the voters, at the coalition. He said that the statements made by the Hungarian deputy PM about Romania’s territorial reorganization does not change the relationship between the two countries.

Pataky said that the statements made by the Hungarian PM Semjen that the issue of Romania is a life and death matter for Hungarian ethnics in Romania is just political. In Hungary, the news have never been released as main news in the central press, the journalist claims.