Two of the killers of the Romanian handball player Marian Cozma, violently stabbed to death in Veszprem, Sandor Raffael and Gyozo Nemeth were sentenced to prison for life and third accused, Ivan Sztojka was sentenced to 20 years of prison, Hungarian press reports.

The sentence was ruled by the Veszprem court, the first court to rule the file and can be appealed against. The two persons sentenced for life cannot request parole earlier than 30 years. According to, Raffael Sandor declared on Wednesday that he is sorry for what he did.

Sandor said that he just defended his life and did not mean to kill another person. He also said he is sorry for his deed to the family of the Romanian handball player. On February 8, 2009 Romanian Marian Cozma was stabbed to death in a bar in Veszprem, Hungary.