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INTERVIEW Bulgarian minister Tomislav Donchev: Bulgaria absorbed five times more funds in 2010 than in 2007-2009

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Luni, 11 iulie 2011, 15:12 English | Regional Europe

Tomislav Donchev, ministrul bulgar al fondurilor EU
Foto: Hotnews
Bulgaria created a ministry in 2010 to deal exclusively with the seven operational programs funded by the EU. In an interview with, Bulgarian minister Tomislav Donchev, 38, tells how his ministry managed to absorb five times more European funds in one year than in the period of 2007-2009. He says European Commission officials need to know that there is a strong political personality in the country to be responsible with European money.

He said the European Commission recommended Romania to establish a ministry to deal with European funds.

Tomislav Donchev said the establishment of the new ministry in Bulgaria was a political decision and that there was no direct recommendation from the European Commission in this regard. The political decision was aimed at improving the coordination between various financial instruments and the communication with the EC.

He said irregularities were part of the process and happen in all member states. But the most important question was hos state institutions react when irregularities are identified, he said, adding that Bulgaria has applied a methodology by which financial corrections are made once irregularities are identified.

AUDIO INTERVIEW Bulgarian minister Tomislav Donchev
Interview with Tomislav Donchev bulgarian minister. by A.Biro

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