Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, the head of Romania's foreign intelligence service who was designated to replace Emil Boc at the head of the Government, presented the full list of new ministers on Wednesday. They are due to face parliamentary commissions before the government stands up to a vote of approval in the Parliament.

M.R. Ungureanu's government team is formed of all-new members from the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), while coalition partners, the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR), and the UNPR retain their ministers who have served in Emil Boc's government. Two independents also keep their portfolios.

Full list of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu's proposed government:

  • Deputy PM - Marko Bela (UDMR, incumbent)
  • Home Affairs and Administration Ministry - Gabriel Berca (PDL)
  • Finance Ministry - Bogdan Dragoi (PDL)
  • Economy Ministry - Lucian Bode (PDL)
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry - Cristian Diaconescu (UNPR, incumbent)
  • Transport Ministry -Alexandru Nazare (PDL)
  • Environment Ministry - Laszlo Borbely (UDMR, incumbent)
  • Tourism Ministry - Cristian Petrescu (PDL)
  • Defense Ministry - Gabriel Oprea (UNPR, incumbent)
  • Culture Ministry - Kelemen Hunor (UDMR, incumbent)
  • Justice Ministry - Catalin Predoiu (independent, incumbent)
  • Communications Ministry - Serban Mustea (PDL)
  • Labor Ministry - Claudia Boghicevici (PDL)
  • Education Ministry - Catalin Baba (PDL)
  • Health Ministry - Ladislau Ritli (UDMR, incumbent)
  • Agriculture Ministry - Stelian Fuia (PDL)
  • European Affairs Ministry - Leonard Orban (independent, incumbent)

As many of the new members of the government are young - some of them in their early 30s - Mihai Razvan Ungureanu pointed out on Wednesday it was a young government formed of "new faces, exceptional professionals, people who I've worked with in various structures of the government". He said it is a government worthy of trust and ready to show not only a change in political generations but also a change of principle in activity.