Romanian Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Victor Ponta, who was designated to form a new government following the fall of the Ungureanu government in a parliamentary vote on Friday, announced the list of his ministers on Tuesday evening. He said he would present his government and governing priorities in the Parliament on Monday and pointed out that the political union of Social Democrats and Liberals (USL) now numbers 229 MPs of a total of 231 needed to vote for the new government.

List of ministers in Ponta's proposed government:

  • Finance and deputy prime minister: Florin Georgescu (now deputy vice-governor of the central bank)
  • Foreign Affairs: Andrei Marga
  • Justice: Titus Corlatean
  • Economy: Daniel Chitoiu
  • Home affairs: Ioan Rus
  • Defence: Corneliu Dobritoiu
  • Agriculture: Daniel Constantin
  • Labor: Mariana Campeanu
  • Education: Corina Dumitrescu
  • Transport: Ovidiu Silaghi
  • Health: Vasile Cepoi
  • Development and Tourism: Eduard Hellvig
  • Culture: Mircea Diaconu
  • Communications: Dan Nica
  • European Affairs: Leonard Orban
  • Administration: Victor Paul Dobre
  • Environment: Rovana Plumb
  • Four ministers-delegate: Liviu Marian Pop (Social dialogue minister), Lucian Isar (Business Environment minister), Mircea Dusa (minister for the relation with the Parliament), Victor Alistar (governmental strategies minister)

Victor Ponta was named to form a new government after the Democratic Liberal (PDL) dominated government headed by Mihai Razvan Ungureanu lost a motion censure in the Parliament on Friday.