Romania's top court applied a a five-year sentence to Senator Catalin Voicu on Friday, but the verdict can be appealed. Other prominent businessmen and a judge involved in the case received suspended sentences as well. Voicu's legal representative said shortly after the verdict today that the High Court decision would be appealed.

Catalin Voicu, a Social Democratic Party (PSD) member of the Romanian Senate, had been charged with receiving hundreds of thousands of euro from two businessmen, Costel Casuneanu and Marius Locic, in order to intervene with judiciary and police officials so that the two receive favorable decisions in two court cases involving them - a litigation with the Romanian road administration and a penal file respectively. According to prosecutors, Voicu claimed a total of about 260,000 euro and received 200,000 euro from Costel Casuneanu, promising in his help with magistrates in exchange. The money allegedly reached a judge, Florin Costiniu, who allegedly agreed to help Voicu.

The High Court also set a four-year suspended sentence to businessman Costel Casuneanu, former High Court judge Florin Costiniu received a three-year suspended sentence, while Marius Locic received a four year prison sentence.

The court also ordered the confiscation of 200,000 euro and 119,000 Romanian lei from Senator Catalin Voicu and to force him pay the money to the state.