Former Romanian PM Adrian Nastase was rushed to a Bucharest hospital from his home late on Wednesday, amid claims on TV news channels that he attempted to kill himself. The incident comes hours after Romania's High Court gave Nastase a final 2-year prison sentence in a corruption case. Nastase is the highest official in the country to receive such a sentence under corruption charges.

  • UPDATE 0.30 a.m. The High Court prosecutor's office announced it received a report regarding Nastase's suicide attempt and has opened an investigation into the situation. Reports say Nastase shot himself in the neck in the attempt to kill himself. Current PM Victor Ponta visited the emergency hospital later in the night before Nastase was to undergo an emergency surgical intervention
  • UPDATE 8.00 a.m. Emergency hospital doctors told TV stations later in the night that Nastase's condition was stable and he would undergo surgery most probably in the morning.

An ambulance team arrived at Nastase's home in Bucharest late on Wednesday, shortly after police showed up to hand him the arrest warrant.

By 11.30 p.m., TV channels with correspondents in front of Nastase's home claimed a shot was heard within the house. Shortly afterwards, as TV channels showed images of what appeared to be Nastase on an ambulance stretcher, various sources were quoted claiming Nastase tried to kill himself.

TV channels later reported that it was "official information" that Nastase attempted suicide.​