A surgical intervention Romanian ex-PM Adrian Nastase underwent on Thursday morning after he attempted suicide on Wednesday evening concluded successfully, medics announced today. They said the patient was "lucky" to survive as the bullet he shot in the attempt to kill himself came close to vital organs. Also on Thursday, Nastase's legal representative said a request would be submitted shortly so that a prison sentence the former prime minister received yesterday be suspended on medical grounds.

On Wednesday, Romania's High Court gave a final verdict sentencing Adrian Nastase, who served as prime minister in 2000-2004, to 2 years in prison under corruption charges. On Wednesday evening, as police showed up at his home to take him into custody, Nastase shot himself in an attempt to commit suicide, but the attempt failed and he was rushed to hospital. A surgical intervention took place on Thursday morning.

Also on Thursday, Adrian Nastase's legal representative Ion Cazacu announced that Nastase's legal team would shortly submit a request to suspend the execution of the 2-year sentence on medical grounds.