Romania President holds a statement on Friday evening. He started his speech by demanding PM Victor Ponta, governing alliance leaders to stop "actions against institutions" of the Romanian state, which he says are in breach of European values.

UPDATE He concluded his speech in just a few minutes. His statements:

  • Regarding the events which took place over the past several weeks, culminating with the actions in the Parliament today, I demand Prime Minister Ponta, co-presidents of [the governing Union of Social Democrats and Liberals] USL Crin Antonescu and Daniel Constantin, as well as UNPR (a parliamentary party - ed.note) Gabriel Oprea and UDMR (Hungarian Democrats - ed.note) Kelemen Hunor that they and their parties stop the actions against the institutions of the Romanian state immediately.
  • I repeat: I demand the named ones to stop actions against the Romanian state immediately
  • Through the actions of the Government and of the parliamentary majority, the fundamental values of the EU are seriously breached
  • The eventual target of the actions of the parliamentary majority led by Ponta, Antonescu is taking control over Justice
  • The suspension of the President is just an interim phase which according to their planning is due to take place over the next days
  • I warn MPs that by seriously breaching the law and the Constitution and Romania's regulations, they've placed the Romanian state and the 22 million Romanians in an extremely difficult situation which, according to my analysis, is similar to that generated by the June 13-15, 1990 miner's crusade (a violent movement by Romanian miners against people protesting against Ion Iliescu's authority at the time - ed.note)
  • The effects of the political actions of the Government and the Parliament will also have extremely serious effects for Romania
  • This is my message
  • I repeat: I demand the parliamentary majority and its leaders to stop actions against the institutions of the Romanian state immediately
  • These politicians must understand time has come when politicians are equal to other citizens before Justice
  • This is why I demand that any actions against the state stop immediately. It is an appeal which I make responsibly