Russia's Ambassador to Bucharest Oleg Malginov will be "invited" to the Romanian Foreign Ministry "as soon as possible" for discussions on a traffic accident involving a Russian diplomat, which took place in Bucharest on Sunday, Foreign minister Titus Corlatean said on Tuesday, pointing out that the driver involved in the crash refused an alcohol text.

A young Romanian woman was hurt in a traffic accident on Sunday as she was hit by a car belonging to the Russian Federation Embassy to Bucharest. The woman was promptly hospitalized.

On Tuesday, Foreign minister Titus Corlatean said the Romanian part was "very seriously" "preoccupied" about the behavior of the Russian diplomat who was driving the car and who refused to submit to police tests. Corlatean said there are situations when a person with a diplomatic status can dodge such procedures, but that the "correct" move would have been for the Russian diplomat to accept the test.

The minister said it was a "delicate situation" which the Romanian ministry should deal with very seriously.