Romania's former charge d'affaires to Singapore, Silviu Ionescu, who was involved in a lethal car crash in Singapore in 2009, has received a six year prison sentence in a final ruling of the Bucharest Appeals Court.

Silviu Ionescu was charged with manslaughter and leaving the site of the car crash in which one person died. Ionescu was indicted in 2010.

According to charges, in the early hours of December 15, 2009, the Romanian diplomat was driving an Audi A6 belonging to the Romanian Embassy to Singapore. He hit two people, one aged 30, one 24 crossing the street regularly in a signalised crossroads.

Ionescu left the crash site and kept driving his car to the next signalised crossroads where, also disconsidering the light signals, hit another person, aged 18. He didn't stop this time either, leaving the site and abandoning the car in an industrial area of Singapore.

One of the injured persons died because of the serious injuries suffered in the accident.