Romania did not raise the level of alert for its national security structures following the situation in Crimea but will monitor very closely the situation in Ukraine as well as separatist evolutions in the Republic of Moldova, the Romanian Presidency said in a statement on Saturday evening. The statement came after a working meeting of president Basescu with representatives of national security structures in relation to the situation in Ukraine. Prior to the meeting, Basescu said that any Russian Federation military presence in Ukraine, without Ukraine's approval and beyond the limits of bilateral accords, would be seen as an act of aggression.

  • Romania is a NATO and EU country neighboring Ukraine and access to the Black Sea. A close ally of the US, it is set to host parts of the US missile shield on its territory.

Following the national security talks on Saturday, the presidency said Romania was not affected directly by the situation in Ukraine and saw no immediate risks to its national security. It said Romania would remain active in connection with its allies at talks on the situation in Ukraine.

Romania's PM Victor Ponta was not in the country on Saturday, as he was abroad for a European Socialists congress in Italy.

Prior to the national security working group talks, President Basescu said he followed very closely the events in Crimea, Kharkhiv, Donetsk and Odessa and that Romania considered that any presence of Russian Federation troops on Ukraine territory, without Ukraine's approval and beyond the limits of bilateral accords, could be seen as an act of aggression against Ukraine.

He said Romania was concened about the full compliance of Ukraine's statehood, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and he insisted that any political differences between the regional administration of Crimea and the central power in Ukraine could not be solved by means of force, but only through dialog within the limits of the constitution of the country.

Also on Saturday, Romania's Foreign Ministry said it regretted the escalation of the situation in Crimea and that Romania was watching closely and with deep concern the evolution that may affect Ukraine's statehood.

The ministry said the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine were essential elements to maintain regional stability and security.