Social Democrats (PSD), the governing party in Romania, and their smaller political allies emerged as the clear winner of the European elections on Sunday, according to multiple exit polls announced by TV news stations. PSD claimed 41 to 43% of the votes, according to exit polls, followed by National Liberals (PNL) with 13.3-15% and the Democratic Liberals (PDL) with 10-12%.

Preliminary results shoed that PMP, the party supported by President Traian Basescu, the Hungarian Democrats and independent candidate Mircea Diaconu also passed the threshold needed to be represented in the European Parliament.

Turnout was low - about 26% by 7 p.m. Romanian time, two hours before closing polls - but still it was higher than that of the 2009 elections, when turnout at 7 p.m. stood at about 21%.