Russian President Vladimir Putin's unofficial ideologist Aleksandr Dugin has been in Romania for the past several days, where he met representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church about his Eurasian project "The Third Rome", writer Mircea Popa, secretary general of the Romania-Russia Foundation, has told


Popa told that Dugin came to Romania last Sunday and left on Wednesday, June 25.

"The Third Rome" is a central ideological and mystical component of the Eurasianism movement currently promoted by Dugin and the Kremlin

"S-a intalnit cu mai multe fete bisericesti, pentru ca are proiectul eurasiatic si <>, deci pe dansul il intereseaza foarte mult fetele bisericesti", a spus Popa, pentru

Professor Dugin is currently reviving the Eurasianism doctine and includes Romania in his views of the "Euroasian space".