Romania prime minister Victor Ponta's Head of Chancellery Vlad Stoica was summoned to the National Anti-Corruption Department on Wednesday for his witness account in a major corruption case involving the local mogul of the governing Social Democrats (PSD).

He left the DNA after about two hours and refused to make any statements, claiming he wasn't a public figure, as news agency Agerpres reports.

Vlad Stoica is Head of Victor Ponta's Chancellery since February 2013.

He was called for a witness acount in the case in which the head of the Mehedinti County Council Adrian Duicu, an influential member the Social Democratic Party (PSD) who holds the reins over Mehedinti county, has tried to use his influence in order to secure a promotion for the head of Mehedinti police. Prosecutors say in their case against Duicu that he went to Bucharest in June 2013 to solve the police chief's issue and he made calls related to the case from the very chancellery of the prime minister, at the Romanian Government HQ.