Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has signed a decree naming a prosecutor noticed especially for his lack of results as head of the country's key body in charge with fighting organized crime, DIICOT. He named Daniel-Constantin Horodniceanu as chief prosecutor of DIICOT more than a month after he was nominated for the job by Justice minister Robert Cazanciuc.

Daniel Constantin HorodniceanuFoto:

Horodniceanu was named in office for a 3-year term. His taking over of DIICOT comes after predecessor Alina Bica, who has been indicted and was placed under house arrest under corruption charges.

Under Romanian legislation, the chief prosecutor of DIICOT is named by the president of Romania at the proposal of the Justice minister, with approval from the Superior Council of Magistrates (CSM). He must be chosen from among prosecutors with an experience of at least 10 years.

Horodniceanu faced formal CSM hearings before the president's decree, and he passed with a vote of 5-2. Following the hearings, two magistrates noted a lack of preparation for the job and special attention was given to the fact that Horodniceanu did not understand the concept of plagiarizing oneself.

Horodniceanu has served as prosecutor for 16 years, 6 of which he served as head of various bodies. His latest job was as chief prosecutor of the DIICOT branch in Iasi county, NE Romania. He was especially noticed for his lack of results there - Iasi is the scene of a flourishing underground scene split by various gangs. And he was chosen just as a major scandal was developing around Iasi mayor Gheorghe Nichita, who was retained by anti-graft prosecutors for allegedly building his own "secret service" formed of local police and gangs, to spy, among others, on his lover.