The Central Electoral Office announced that the voters turnout at the referendum for changing the electoral law to an uninominal vote system was 12.88% at 14:00h, with average rates of 10.95% in urban areas and 15.54% in rural areas.

An average rate of 11.67% was reported for the turnout in the first elections for the European Parliament, with a presence of 10.11% in urban areas and 13.84% in rural areas.

The turnout is at its lowest in Bucharest - 9.79% present at the referendum and 9.12% at the European Parliament elections.

The following information on the participation in EP elections will be released during the day at 17:30h, 20:30h and 22:30h. The information about the referendum will be made public at 19:30h and 21:30h.

Earlier results were: Uninominal vote referendum - 5.43% (11.00h); European Parliament elections - 3.79% (10:00h).