Romania's National Anticorruption Department (DNA) announced on Friday it had opened a criminal inquiry against PM Victor Ponta over actions he made when serving as deputy and as prime minister. DNA's announcement opens three scenarios for the Social Democratic head of government: resignation, his suspension by the president, or maintaining status quo.

1. Resignation. Victor Ponta has made contradicting statements about a hypothetical situation in which a criminal inquiry would be launched against him. On March 2 this year, he said he would resign. On the other hand, he had repeatedly said especially today that "the Parliament, not the DNA is where politics is done". For now, PM Ponta said on Facebook on Friday that only the Parliament - who named him as prime minister - can dismiss him as head of government.

2. President Iohannis suspends him. According to the Romanian Constitution, the president "can" order the suspension of a member of the government once a criminal inquiry is officially launched against him. Or, the DNA has launched such an inquiry. Early afternoon on Friday, President Iohannis opted for now to call for Ponta's resignation.

3. President Iohannis does not suspend him, PM Ponta does not resign. The status quo is kept, but maximum suspicions will cloud the prime minister and his government, the effects of which are impossible to evaluate for the time being.