The United States will pre-position tanks, artillery and other military equipment in six CEE states including Romania, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced, as quoted by Reuters. The news comes as the Romanian Parliament also approved on Tuesday a request by President Klaus Iohannis to allow the establishment of a NATO Force Integration Unit and a Multinational Commandment on Romanian territory. The request was approved unanimously.

The Parliament also approved a new National Defense Strategy proposed by President Iohannis, which sees Russia as main threat to Romanian security.

Carter announced in Estonia on Tuesday and Romania agreed, along with Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to hos US military equipment. It is yet to be made clear what specific types of equipment will be deployed in Romania.

A US military document quoted by Reuters says the pre-positioned equipment to be deployed across the six countries will include 250 tanks, Bradley armored vehicles and artillery units.

News about such a move have been circulated in US media for the past two weeks and prompted harsh reactions from Russian officials, including Vladimir Putin who announced Russia would increase its nuclear arsenal.