The Central Electoral Office (BEC) announce don Tuesday the final results and data for the first European elections and a referendum on changes to the voting system that took place in Romania on Sunday. According to BEC, 26.49% of Romanian voters attended the referendum, 81.35% of which said they agreed with the changes proposed by President Basescu that a two-round uninominal voting system be introduced in Romania. Final results for the EP elections did not change the order set by exit polls on Sunday evening.

According to BEC, 15.17% of voters said they were against replacing the current voting system based on party lists with a two-round uninominal voting supported by the President. 2.46% of the votes in the referendum were annulled.

As less than 50% plus one of the voters attended the referendum, it is not validated.

The results for the EP elections are as follows:

  • 29.46% turnout
  • Democratic Party (PD, member of EPP) - 28.81%
  • Social Democratic Party (PSD, member of PES) - 23.11%
  • National Liberal Party (PNL, member of ALDE) - 13.44%
  • Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) - 7.78%
  • Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) - 5.52%
  • Independent Laszlo Tokes - 3.44%
  • Below 5% threshold: New Generation Party (PNG) - 4.85; Greater Romania Party (PRM) - 4.15%, Conservative Party (PC) - 2.93%, National Initiative Party (PIN) - 2.43%

PD is expected to receive 11 seats in the European Parliament; PSD - 8 seats; PNL - 6 seats; PLD - 2 seats; UDMR - 2 seats. A redistribution of the votes received by losing parties is now expected, where PD may receive up to 3 additional seats, wile PSD and PNL - one seat each.